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  • Grinders - The Original Sub

    The grinders at Mancino’s are built on the best foundation-fresh bread.  Our fresh baked bread is the perfect component to the sandwich as we know it.

    It is light and crispy, allowing the flavors of the meats and vegetables we use to shine through.  Our fresh bread is baked throughout the week to ensure you are actually getting the best product when you order.  It is a process in which we take great pride, and we hope you enjoy the effort.



  • Best-Ever Pepperoni Pizza

    We take the same bread we use to make our famous grinders for the best ever pizza crusts.  Pepperoni is pepperoni and sausage is sausage, but a good tasting well made crust will win your taste buds over.

    Great tasting toppings are very important for a pizza, but for us it's making sure that the crust blows your taste buds out of the water.

  • Salads - A Healthy Choice

    Don't count Mancino's out for not being healthy!  We offer a great variety of healthy choices including great tasting salads.  We can take the same ingredients from a grinder and mix it in with some great greens to give you an even healthier choice.

    Don't snub your nose just because you think we offer nothing be pizzas and grinders!  Stop in and give our health choices a try and you'll may have just found your next weekly lunch spot!

  • The Bulldog - Hometown Favorite

    A local favorite.  Being located across the street from New Haven High School, home of the "Mighty Bulldogs", what better than to have a pizza that honors our area high school mascot.  This delectable treat is on our traditional favorite crust with loads of good tasting treats.  Pineapple, Green Olives, Red Peppers and tons of ham and sausage.  It's just what your hungry gang needs on football night!